reusable diapers pictures

reusable diapers pictures
reusable diapers pictures

reusable diapers pictures

Disposable diapers are used by just about every parent as their only diapering method. If you could imagine a baby using about 8 diapers a day for the first year of life, that would average about 2,900 diapers a year. And that is just one child. OUCH! While there is a time and place for disposable diapers, reusable diapers ar a better option for 5 reasons.

1) Environmentally Sound

Reusable diapers do not end up in landfills as much as disposable diapers. While you may non concern yourself with the state of your cities landfill problems on a day to day basis, they are overloaded. Diapers are a huge trouble because of the volume used per child every year.

Furthermore, people ar supposed to dispose of solid waste even in disposable diapers but they do not. They toss the waste with the nappy in the garbage which can contaminate drinking water as they ar process in landfills. Even non-environmentalists can recognize the severity of this issue.

With reusable diapers you can buy a flush-able liner that will dispose of solid waste without the mess. They are cheap and environmentally sound.

2) More Cost Effective

Disposable diapers ar expensive, especially when calculating how much money is spent over a child’s diapering period. Reusable diapers cut those costs down saving on average $2,500 per child.

The cost savings alone should be enough to convince parents to use washable diapers. That savings could be invested in the child’s college fund or to pay for other child care needs.

3) One Size Fits All

Reusable diapers are now available in one size fits baby all the way up to potty training in many brands. You can find them with snaps, Velcro, and elastic bands that will allow the nappy to grow with your baby. Disposable diapers come in various sizes you need to buy as your baby grows. By buying an adjustable reusable nappy that can be used for as long as necessary, it will again save money.

4) Soft on Babies Delicate Skin

Reusable diapers now come in super soft fabrics that ar soft on babies delicate skin. They do not contain a lot of the chemicals disposable diapers consist of so they have an even less frequent chance at causation nappy rash. The soft fabrics are totally washable and do non wear out quickly in most modern brands.

5) Washable astatine Home So You Never Run Out Of Diapers

You no longer need to pay for a diapering service to use washable diapers. They can be washed on gentle cycle in your machine astatine home using all natural detergent. This means you will never accidentally run low, or out, of diapers. You never want to be in that sticky situation. When down to your second to last nappy just throw the dirty ones in the wash and you will have a fresh supply in about an hour.

While there is a time and place for disposable diapers, you can certainly cut costs by using reusable diapers as your primary source. They come in many brands, colors, sizes (or one size fits all through diapering) and styles. Do your research and find the right ones for your little one.